Zones of Regulations

Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation is an approach used to support the development of self-regulation in children.

All the different ways children feel and the states of alertness they experience are categorized into four coloured zones.

Children who are well regulated are able to be in the appropriate zone at the appropriate time.

Blue Zone tired, sad e.g. getting ready to go to bed.

Green Zone calm, happy e.g. doing a puzzle at table.

Yellow Zone silly, frustrated e.g. playing chase game with friends.

Red Zone angry, out of control e.g. jumping with excitement

Why use Zones of Regulation?

To teach children how to: Identify their feelings Be aware of what zone they are in Start to use tools to be in the appropriate zone for the moment

Zones of Regulation Check in at home

Check out this video for ways of checking in while at home.

Ways to Self - regulate

Check out some ways below on how to self-regulate through movement.