Our People

Our Staff 2022

Principal : Jo Brady, principal@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Deputy Principal: Jan Fretwell, janf@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Director of Religious Studies: Michelle Jackson, mjackson@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Senior Team

Senior Syndicate Leader & Room 2 Teacher: Deb McDonald, debmcdonald@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 1 Teacher: Wayne Atkins, watkins@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 3 Teacher: Anna Hyland, annahyland@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 4 Teacher: Angus Liley, aliley@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Middle Team

Middle Syndicate Leader & Room 7 Teacher: Michelle Jackson, mjackson@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 5 Teacher: Robyn McConnachie, rmcconnachie@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 6 Teacher: Glennis Martin-Paling, gmartinpaling@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Junior Team

Junior Syndicate Leader: Jan Fretwell, janf@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 8 Teacher: Katherine Craig, kcraig@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Anna Humpherson, ahumpherson@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 9 Teacher: Hannah Dahya, hdahya@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 10 Teacher: Luke Collins, lcollins@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Room 11 Teacher: Candra Jones, candrajones@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Ancillary Staff

Office Administrators: Tania Beasley and Denise White, office@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Librarian: Tracey Carberry

Teacher Aides: Donna Brown, Sheryl Carberry, Deb Rowe, Mandy Hague, Monique Davidson, Rachel Rothstein

Caretaker: Kevin Carberry

Part-time Teaching Staff

Digital Literacies / IT administration / Engagement and Attendance: Vicki Maguire, vmaguire@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Music: Rachel Hand

Art/Special Needs: Lea-Anne Sheather