Caregiver Information

Caregiver Updates

Caregivers are kept updated by the school via the weekly newsletter, general notices, class Dojo and the school Facebook page.

It is important we continue to have your correct contact details. In the case of an emergency it is critical that we are able to contact you or your emergency contact person if we are unable to contact you. Please keep the office updated with changes to phone numbers, physical address and email addresses.

A school newsletter is produced each Thursday. An electronic copy is sent to caregivers and posted on our Facebook page . If you are not receiving an electronic copy of the school newsletter please contact the office so we can ensure we have your correct email address.

To view past copies of the school newsletter, please click on the tab on this website.

Important Dates/Times

Term Dates 2020

    • Term 1 | 7 February - 9 April
    • Term 2 | 28 April - 3 July
    • Term 3 | 20 July - 25 September
    • Term 4 | 12 October - tba

School Hours

    • Start 8.45am
    • Morning Tea 10.25am-10.50am
    • Lunch 12.30pm-1.20pm
    • School Assembly & Virtues Assembly - Mondays
    • Golden Time - Friday afternoon
    • Finish 2.45pm

Children should not be dropped off at school before 8.15am or left at school unsupervised after 3.00pm. While there may be teachers at school outside of these times they are often in meetings so are unable to supervise unattended children.


If your child will be absent from school please let the school know by 9.00am. Absentees can be notified using the school app or by phoning the school on 07 3088920. Please leave the child's name, class and reason for absence. This ensures your child is safe and accounted for.

School Masses

Term 1

TBA: Welcome/New Families

Wednesday 26 February: Ash Wednesday Mass

Thursday 19 March: St Joseph's Day Mass

Term 2

TBA: Start of Term

SUNDAY 31 May: Pentecost

Term 3

TBA: Start of Term

TBA: First Holy Communion & Confirmation

Term 4

TBA: Start of Term

December (TBC): Thanksgiving Mass & End of Year prizegiving

Please note these dates are proposed dates for 2020. These may change. The School Newsletter will advise of all upcoming school masses and liturgies.

Contacting the School

Class Dojo or your child's Homelink book are ideal ways to make contact with your child's teacher in the first instance. You are also welcome to contact the school office on 07 308 8920 and leave a message for your child's teacher. The school office is attended from 8.30am to 3.00pm. Please note that teachers are often in meetings before and after school so if you need to speak with them it is best to make a time to discuss any concerns you may have.

Homelink Books

Rooms 10-7 use Homelink Books. The purpose of these is as a link between home and school and are provided each year as part of a child's stationery. The book is regularly used by teachers to let caregivers know about homework tasks and we ask caregivers whose children have these to check them at the end of each school day for important information and sign them to indicate that homework has been done.

Caregivers are welcome to send messages to teachers in their child's homelink book.

School Uniform


All Year: Royal Blue Sweatshirt, Royal Blue Fleece, Royal Blue School Jacket

Summer: Royal Blue Polo Shirt, Grey Baggy or Tab shorts, Brown or Black Sandals, Royal Blue Slouch Hat (wide brim)

Senior Boys (year 7/8) summer optional: White Polo Shirt with Blue Stripe on Collar, Royal Blue Bucket Hat

Winter: Royal Blue Skivvy, Royal Blue Beanie, Navy Blue Long Drill Pants or Grey Shorts, Black Shoes, Long Grey Socks

Senior Boys (year 7/8) winter optional: Long Sleeve Royal Blue Polo


All Year: Royal Blue Sweatshirt, Royal Blue Fleece, Royal Blue School Jacket

Summer: White Polo Shirt, Navy Blue Skort or Blue and White Gingham Dress, Brown or Black Sandals, Royal Blue Slouch Hat (wide brim)

Senior Girls (year 7/8) summer optional: White Polo Shirt with Blue Stripe on Collar, Royal Blue Bucket Hat

Winter: Royal Blue Skivvy, Royal Blue Beanie, Navy Blue Long Drill Pants, Navy Plaid Pinafore Dress, Black Shoes, Long Navy Socks

Senior Girls (year 7/8) winter optional: Long Sleeve Royal Blue Polo

Uniforms can be purchased from NZUNIFORMS or The Warehouse.

Recycled uniforms are available through the school office. Please allow a few days for processing.

School Houses

All children and teachers are placed in one of our four houses:

  • Chanel - Gold
  • Pompallier - Blue
  • Viard - Red
  • MacKillop - Green

At sporting events children are encouraged to wear the school PE shirt. At other events children are encouraged to dress in their house colours.


The school facilitates banking with Credit Union. An enrolment form can be obtained through the school office. The school banking day is Wednesday. There is a banking collection box in the school office.


Subway lunches can be purchased on Wednesdays. Please order and pay online via the link Orders must be placed by 9.30am on Wednesdays.


Parents are asked not to park in the school or parish carpark or on the grass verge outside the church before or after school for safety reasons. The carpark behind the church is reserved for caregivers with babies or young toddlers. Caregivers are encouraged to use the old Countdown carpark to help ensure the safety of children entering and exiting the school grounds. Please ensure that children use the pedestrian crossing and do not walk through the school carpark.

Dental Clinic

Dental care is provided by the Mobile Dental Clinic which is stationed at Allandale School when they are treating St Joseph's School children. The school receives appointments for the children during school hours. Three to four students are escorted to appointments by a senior student. Parents who elect to accompany their own child to the dental clinic must indicate this to the school and contact the Mobile Dental Clinic direct to arrange for appointments to be made through them. The Mobile Dental Clinic number is 021 244 8925.


A free bus service is provided to transport children to and from school from Coastlands, Ohope and Taneatua. A duty teacher supervises those children travelling by bus in the afternoon, and it is important that children behave in a safe and sensible manner. For information about bus travel contact UZABUS. Once you have confirmed with UZABUS that your child will be using their services please contact the school to confirm the bus service that will be used and days so your child can be added to the bus roll. Please note that while the bus roll is taken each day, it is the responsibility of the child to ensure they are on the bus. You are welcome to contact the school to remind your child to take the bus in the early days or if they are required to take the bus on a day they normally don't.