Our Whānau Group

The Whānau group is made up of parents, teachers and kaumatua (senior cultural advisers) who provide consultation and education for St Joseph's School to uphold, enhance and support Te Ao Māori (the Māori world).

The Ministry of Education requires every New Zealand School to implement Ka Hikitia - Accelerating Success 2013-2017: The Māori Education Strategy.  This Strategy was established "to make a significant difference for Māori students in education ... . We know Māori students do much better when education reflects and values their identity, language and culture".

It is this focus on identity, language and culture that the Whānau Group aims to enhance, particularly for Māori students.  The work of the Whānau Group, however, benefits all students at St Joseph's  school who wish to engage in Te Ao Māori, regardless of ethnicity.

The Whānau group meets regularly and everyone is welcome to attend. Events are advertised in our School Newsletter.