Our Sports Club

Saint Joseph’s Sports Club Inc. was establised to help support school based teams in sporting activities which take place outside of school that require extra administration and funding.

Sporting codes such as football, hockey and netball will continue to be managed and run by a group of volunteers, however these are supported by the sports club who assist with managing finances (including funding applications for uniforms and equipment for the club's sports team) and handling complaints that cannot be resolved at sporting code level.

The committee that manages the sports club consists of a chairperson, treasurer, teacher in charge of sport from school and a representative from each of the sports codes (ie football, hockey and netball).

Chairperson: Peter Marshall - peter@rl.co.nz

Treasurer: Grant Wilkinson - grant@forwardaccountants.co.nz

Teacher in Charge of Sport: Kayla Livingstone - kwallace@stjosephswhakatane.school.nz

Sports Club activities are advertised in our school newsletter and also on our Facebook page. Extra information is included in the school Homelink book, including the fair play code of conduct and complaints procedure. Football and Hockey have their own websites which can be accessed using the links below.

St Joseph's Football

St Joseph's Hockey

Please remember the game is for the children.

It is not for the glory of the coach, manager or caregiver.